One step at a time

If I’m dissatisfied with a situation, there are three possible courses of action that will lead to satisfaction:

  1. Change the situation
  2. Change how I feel about the situation
  3. 1 + 2

Knowing this does not necessarily make it easy to do. Why is that? It seems like a very logical assumption to make that once I understand a problem, I change things to remove whatever is causing the problem.

I’m walking somewhere. Something is in my way. I move/go over/around it, or I decide that the effort isn’t worth the cost and I turn around.

All too often in life, however, it feels like I’m walking, I see the hurdle in front of me, I know that I can jump the hurdle, I visualize the times I’ve jumped identical hurdles in the past, I declare my intention to jump the hurdle, I draw up plans for how high I’m going to need to jump, I buy an app that calculates the best way to land on the other side of hurdles and I work up a beautiful 3D rendering of the terrain, just to make sure that I’ve considered the best way to jump the hurdle. Meanwhile, the race has moved on and nobody cares if I jump or not.

I suppose, without becoming overly psychoanalytical (too late?), that this indicates that I have a much more effective set of hurdles that I carry around with me everywhere I go. Hmmm… That sounds like a situation to overcome…


20. March 2013 by dale
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